About Us
Lancaster Farm is owned and operated by Mike and Angela Lancaster.  We were both born and raised in and around Brandon, FL all of our lives.  We truly love our community! 

We started preparing “our yard” for the hydroponic vertical growing farm in
November 2006. 

We had never farmed before but knew this had to be the way for future farming. 

We prayed over it, diligently worked day and some nights, and had some
wonderful friends, family, and acquaintances contributing labor, knowledge and
their expertise!  The farm was finally UP!  We were tired, yet ecstatic and actually
had fun!  

Our first planting was December 2006.  As we watched over 50 different varieties of vegetables sprout and start to grow, we were like “proud parents” of these "special babies". 

We saw God’s awesome handiwork and then decided to incorporate environmentally safe practices to give “our babies” a "natural upbringing", therefore producing very healthy “children”.

We were very pleased with our little farm and knew that the Lord had truly blessed us!

                                              We wanted to share our bounty with others on a “small community” scale and                                                  yet "live off the land".  Thus, the Produce Club was born!!!!  Produce picked                                                      within a couple of hours of being delivered to your door in a basket                                                                  presentation that makes your neighbors think your receiving a GIFT!

                                                Our club members are eating healthier and even willing to try new veggies like                                            kale, bok choy, and swiss chard.  Some have claimed to feel better, have more                                         energy, lower blood pressure, and have a better outlook on life knowing that                                                     they are eating as nature intended. 

                                               We have met some wonderful people along this journey and have been                                                            enriched.  God has blessed us in spite of ourselves and we are thankful.

                                               We are still learning and growing, but most of all still enjoying life and having                                                   fun!

Thank you and we hope to be of service to you and your family soon!

Mike & Angela Lancaster

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Swiss Chard
Mike & Angela Lancaster
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"Growing the Future"