If you have any questions that are not answered below please email us at
Currently we are delivering in Brandon, Seffner, Valrico, Lithia, Riverview, Apollo Beach, Plant City, South Tampa, Davis Island, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel.  You can email us with your address and we can let you know if we are delivering in your area at
1).  What is your delivery area?
2).  Do I have to order a basket every week or bi-weekly?
We prefer weekly or bi-weekly.  That is what our cost of the basket is based upon.  We do allow of course the option to cancel your scheduled delivery for your week provided you give a reasonable notice.
3).  Can I send a gift basket to a non-member and what is the cost involved?
Yes, you can send a gift basket to a non-member, but the cost would be $35 instead of $28, and provided they are within our existing delivery area.
4).  Why do I need to leave out a cooler at time of delivery?
Because of Florida’s humidity and heat factors.  Most of your produce has not been cooled or refrigerated yet therefore the need for a cooler could determine the quality and longevity of your produce.
5).  When I receive my basket do I need to refrigerate everything in the basket?
It is best during the months of June-September to refrigerate most contents.  Tomatoes are best left on the counter as refrigeration causes a loss of flavor. Some produce is not required to be refrigerated but we suggest it to ensure the produce to last longer.  Lettuces especially need to be dipped in ice water, excess water shaken off and wrapped in paper towel and placed in Ziploc or plastic bag.
7).  Some of my produce comes in containers with different labels attached?
We recycle all our containers to save cost and to contribute to keeping non biodegradeables out of our landfills.  We greatly appreciate our customer’s support in returning containers and bags.
8). Are all your products from your farm?
No, depending on the season not all your produce will come from our farm.  The only fruit we grow is strawberries; therefore all other fruits are from other farms.  Our goal is to unite with other local farms and to build more co-ops within our neighboring communities.
9).  What do you mean when you say you buy local?
Our goal is to support local farming within 100 mile radius. If not available then we choose the USA.  We do not support out of the country produce being a local farmer.
10). Are all of your products organic?
No, our canned items and bread (unless posted otherwise) will not be organic.  Most fruits unless posted will not be organic, due to purchasing only within the USA and being mindful to freshness and local over organic.   
11). Are your breads organic and can I opt out of the breads?
Breads are not organic and purchased from various wholesale bakeries. We do change our breads periodically for variety.  You can opt out of the bread and substitute a fruit or veggie.
12). Are the smoked chicken, rotisserie chicken and spiral ham organic?
No, they are not organic; they are all natural with no hormones, steroids or preservatives.
13). Are the eggs from free roaming chickens and why are the eggs delivered in egg cartons?
The eggs are from free-roaming chickens; the chickens are fed from the excess of our farm and are from a small local farm nearby.  We also recycle our egg cartons to keep cost down on the supply and demand of the eggs.
14). Is the goat milk raw?
No, the goat milk is heated in order to seal the glass jar.  The heating process is not pasteurize but to ensure the seal, therefore we cannot consider it 100% raw but feel this eliminates some common mishaps.
15). Is the honey raw?
Yes, the honey is 100% raw, nothing added, nothing taken away.  In fact, there will be times when you may have skim of the top, it’s that raw!
16). Do I need to refrigerate the honey?
It is best to keep honey at room temperature.  Refrigeration will cause it to crystalize.
17). Do you currently have a Retail Produce Stand?
No, currently we do not have a retail Produce Stand. 
18). Can we visit the farm?
Our farm is currently based by our home and therefore is not open to the public.  For more information contact us at
19). Do we need to tip the delivery person?
We do not require that you tip your delivery person.  But if you feel that they are doing a good job and appreciate their hard work, please do tip them.
20). Can we come out and help out at the farm?
Unlike most CSA we do not require that you work any hours on the farm.  But if you would like to help out just let us know by email at  We appreciate as many helping hands as possible.
21). What is the best way to contact you?
You can reach us by phone at 813-482-4802 or by email at